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Hi, I'm Aaron Saray and I made Aaron's Reviews.

For years, I oscillated between buying only a few, proven products - and - exploring new products and experimenting. I noticed, from time to time, I would purchase things that I actually had many years before and forgotten about them. Sometimes it would be something I really loved, but forgot. Other times, I had tried it before, and didn't like it - yet I found myself stuck with it again. Worst of all I'd go shopping for something and forget which brand or product I actually liked.

So, I started a personal database of these things. I kept my likes and dislikes in a notes app and this worked great! Because of my experimentation, I was also able to tell friends about a new thing I tried and if it was decent. They started asking what other things I liked. I never felt like I had an effective and efficient way to share my notes with friends.

Now, I keep my notes on this site. It's mainly for me, in a format I appreciate. But, I'm happy you're here and I hope this helps you, too!

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Ratings Explanations

I love this item. It also means that it either fits/functions as expected/perfectly, or has no "bad" ingredients like excessive sugars or poor quality oils.
I like this item. It mostly does what I want or it is satisfying/tasty. If food, it may be used sparingly, however, as it may contain excessive sugars, bad oils, or other weird additives.
I really don't like this item. It either functions poorly, tastes bad, or has really bad quality ingredients.

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